We are not going to discover the advantages of nitrox, especially for those who already know them, but this possibility extends up to 20% the stay underwater without decompression dives as in Donkalo Thila, where mantas dance around us, or where touring the southern channels between shoals of jacks, groups of sharks, rays and other pelagic, without having to worry about deco (a safety stop) has radically changed our diving cruises.

Not only does it increase security, crucial in a safari , often far from Recompression Chamber, but also reduces fatigue after 3 dives which enables to enjoy more after-dive activities and visits ... not just the eat, sleep and dive adding the discovery of the country, meeting its people and its culture. Our NRC NITROX Membrane join systems, and our BAUER and L & W Compressors allow us to fill up to 32% our steel 12 & 15 liter tanks 3 times daily.