The Team Maldives Blue Force

Quality of diving in the Maldives has located this destination as a top ten on the dive travel world.

During 2014 -2015 season we are scheduling live aboard diving cruises on our two dive boats led by Marilen Enseñat & Marc Chicano, Octopus Dive Safaris – MALDIVES BLUE FORCE team, with 17 consecutive seasons in Maldives which made them to be recognized among the best in the country.

Accompanied by experienced and excellent Maldivian crew (captains, cooks, mechanics, seamen) and thanks to their work and we will make our cruises. They are seamen, a little bit reserved at first contact, but friendly and helpful. They try, within their abilities and training, make us spend wonderful days in their particular country. Do not hesitate to speak with them although their English is basic.

They work hard, often from dawn till midnight, and it is a tradition in the country, once the live aboard is finished, to give a tip to the captain who will distribute in same parts to the crew the total amount.