Come and enjoy the Maldives aboard our cruise operated by a professional crew with long experience in the area, living in harmony with the environment.

A board MALDIVES BLUE FORCE ONE & TWO you make a DIVING SAFARI, sacrificing the comfort of a resort for the convenience and comfort of the best diving spots in each atoll.

Administrative requirement

Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months, diving certification and diving insurance that covers assistance in hyperbaric chamber.

On board

It is not allowed smoking in the cabins and inside the boat.
Our room boy will clean and prepare daily the cabins; midweek cruise, we change towels and sheets.

Sheets and bath

n each cabin there is a bath towel per person that will be changed in midweek.
Each person must provide their own toilet set as well as beach towels, in the boat there are not bath gel or shampoo as in the hotels.
There is NO towels "Exterior / saltwater" so we recommend bringing them from home.


Drift Diving is the most common in Maldives enjoying the currents; the dhoni will pick up divers at the end of the dive. The expedition leader is an expert diving instructor in these waters and you will have a guide on all dives.

Diving equipment

Bottles of 12 and 15 liters of steel, free air or Nitrox, belt and weights are included. You must bring your own gear and a decompression balloon with at least 9 meters out to signal climbs to surface and thus alert the skipper. Dive computer and spotlight / flashlight for night are essential (if not lack of lighting shall be allowed in the night dives, losing diving). A 3 mm long suit is usually the most suitable, although a shorty or lycra could also serve; suits of 5 mm or more are usually undesirable.

Rental equipment

We have limited sets of equipment onboard for those who want to rent. As we have limited sets, is necessary to book before arrive to Maldives.

We detail the sets we have onboard and the WEEKLY rate.

Payment in cash, on board, rates per week.

• JACKETS sizes XS/S/M/L/XL - 40 USD (30 EUR)
• SUITS 3mm Sizes from 2 to 6 - 20 USD (15 EUR)
• DIVE NITROX COMPUTERS ALADIN PRO ULTRA (4 units) y EDY (4 units) - 40 USD (30 EUR)
• TORCHES leds (4 units) - 15 USD (10 EUR)

Water temperature

The water temperature in Maldives has a mild range between 28ºC in October / December to 30ºC in April/May.


Do not forget your camera, both above and underwater, we strongly recommend to bring a HARD DISK and/or PEN DRIVE with high capacity (we recommend at least 32 GB) for the best photographs of the week that usually we download from the onboard COMPUTER. We have available anytime a COMPUTER onboard where you could download, have a look, share and copy photographs.

Communications and Internet

In Maldives we have a good mobile telephony system with cover in 95% of the country; ask to your operator about the roaming, and the activation.
There is a chance of buy at the airport a local line (3 USD) of recharge, CHEAPER than the use of European line; if you are interested, you can buy a local line at the arrival in the airport.
nternet 3G by router available onboard 24 hours with recharging system, community, 3 €/ person/Week (optional) available 24 hours a day in dining room.


The dhonis are equipped with a local equipment. If you are fishing lover, bring your equipment and challenge our crew.


No vacations are compulsory in Maldives, avoid to drink non-bottled water.
If you have motion sickness ask to your doctor about an anti dizziness treatment.
Do not forget sun cream with high protection and sunglasses.


On board MALDIVES BLUE FORCE ONE & TWO you can use EURO as currency.
Maldives local currency is Rufiyaa, with exchange rates varying, check with our staff.
Credit cards are ONLY available in the resorts and magazines in Male, NOT on board.


Import of alcoholic drinks, pork, spear guns, nets, pornography and drugs, as any kind of nudism/top less.
When we make a visit to the island, it is compulsory to use a short and a T-shirt.